Resinate® Polyols for Direct to Metal Coating Applications Deliver Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Resinate Materials Group, a company advancing the use of sustainable content in specialty chemicals, announced a line of polyols for direct to metal coating applications. As part of the company’s full line of high-performance polyols, the products provide well-balanced properties, including hardness and flexibility.

“These polyols have been formulated to meet the growing demand for high-performance coatings,” said Kris Weigal, Resinate Chief Commercial Officer. “Resinate polyols have been shown to perform as well, or better than, traditional polyols in coating applications.”

Resinate’s specialty polyols for direct to metal coatings are specifically designed for demanding applications where chemical and corrosion resistance are required. These sustainable polyols can be used alone, or as blending polyols to achieve required performance requirements. For more information, or to request a copy of Resinate’s direct to metal coating sell sheets, visit the company website at

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