Since its inception, Resinate has been passionate about helping provide solutions to the growing global problem of plastic waste in the environment. We are seeking collaborative business relationships either through technology licensing agreements or M&A activities which will expand and accelerate the introduction of our line of high-performance sustainable polyols to a broader geographic and market audience. If you would like to learn more about opportunities to collaborate with our team, contact us or call +1 800-891-2955.

Licensable Compositions

Keratin Polyols

Lignin Polyols

UV Cure Polyols


Hot Melt Adhesive Resins

Levulinate Ketal Polyols

C.A.S.E. Polyols

Licensable Processes



Digestipol™ Polyols

Polymeric Plasticizers

Crystallization Inhibitors

Drilling Fluids

Aqueous PU Dispersions

Flexible Foams