Introduction to Resinate

Introduction To Resinate

Possibilities for Coatings

Possibilities for Coatings

Possibilities for Adhesives

Possibilities for Adhesives

The Green Chemistry Paradigm Shift

The Green Paradigm Shift

What’s Next

What's New

Resinate Business Director, Mark Maxwell Interviews with SMSBF

Mark Maxwell SMSBF Interview

Mixer Direct – 13 Must Know Companies at the 2018 American Coatings Show

Mark Maxwell Mixer Direct Interview

Flame Spread Videos

Each foam in the videos below were prepared in the same manner, using the same formulation (NCO Index: 260) with the same densities using n-pentane (~1.8 pcf) and all contain 17 pphp of TCPP flame retardant in the B-side. The videos should be viewed in succession to see the potential flame spread performance improvement provided by the Resinate foam additives.


70/30 Blend of Phthalic Anhydride Control Polyol & Resinate® FA1401-66

Phthalic Anhydride Polyol Control Video

Resinate® LNP1000-11.1

Resinate® LNP1000-11.1 Video

70/30 Blend of Resinate® LNP1000-11.1 & Resinate® F1401-66

70/30 Blend of Resinate® LNP1000-11.1 and Resinate® F1401-66 Video

85/15 Blend of Resinate® PEP1035-2.3 & Resinate® FA1501-65

70/30 Blend of Resinate® PEP1035-2.3 and Resinate® Experimental Additive Video