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In laboratory testing, coatings and adhesives formulated with Resinate green polyols demonstrated an excellent balance of properties in comparison to commercially available virgin feedstock polyols. The formulations made with Resinate upcycled-content polyols performed comparably to, or better than, conventional polyols in all test categories, proving superior balanced performance. Our team will work with you to ensure you have the right blend of properties to meet your critical performance requirements.

*Higher performance is reflected by more shading in the coating formulation radar plots below.

Flame Spread Videos

Each foam in the videos below were prepared in the same manner, using the same formulation (NCO Index: 260) with the same densities using n-pentane (~1.8 pcf) and all contain 17 pphp of TCPP flame retardant in the B-side.The videos should be viewed in succession to see the potential flame spread performance improvement provided by the Resinate foam additives.

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